Meeting Individuals Needing Inspiration Therapeutic Horses

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Our Mission

We strive to bring hope, smiles, and comfort with our therapeutic horse visits to anyone needing a bit of inspiration.

How did we choose our name?

We chose our name Meeting Individuals Needing Inspiration Therapeutic Horses, when we got the idea to start our organization.  Janet purchased Oreo, and soon after, she started losing her eyesight due to Equine Recurrent Uveitis (ERU).  ERU is an immune-mediated inflammatory condition of the eye and is the most common cause of blindness in horses.

Meeting Individuals Needing Inspiration Therapeutic Horses

Janet works at a human eye institute for people, specifically low-vision patients.  After she told the low-vision group about Oreo, they adopted her as their mascot.  A few people started getting out and doing more than they usually would.  Janet was told, “If Oreo can navigate her paddock and move around, I can get out too.”

After hearing from several of her patients, we decided to make this non-profit.  We want to get out and visit as many people as possible, and with your donations, we can take Oreo to meet her low-vision supporters.  This has also encouraged them to get out there and do more daily.




Value Statement:

Creating as MINI smiles as possible MINI Therapeutic Horses is dedicated to offering a safe environment to explore something new while receiving the benefits of spending time with our mini horses. We are advocates for pet therapy as a means to empower those who are struggling on their journeys. We offer on-location farm visits and visits to various care facilities, such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, schools, etc. Working with horses is proven to assist with emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, and connectedness. Our ultimate goal is to help bring joy and hopes to others, improve mental health, and provide some education about agriculture and equines. We foster a secure and caring environment encompassing each individual’s needs.

We look forward to getting out in the Middle Tennessee area to Inspire people to do more.  Please follow us on our journey and help us meet our goals.


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Founded 2023             Non-Profit 501(c)(3)       ID# 92-1971770