Volunteer Opportunities for April and May 2023

I hope that everyone is having a great Spring.  I just wanted to update everyone about our events and volunteer opportunities for April and May 2023.   On April 15th, Bonnie and Oreo will attend the Low Vision Event at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute in Nashville.  If you have vision issues, please show up.  We will […]

Fundraising for March and April 2023

Hi everyone. We now have our official 501c3 paperwork and can start fundraising. We are raising money for vet work for the six therapy horses. We always get vet work done in the spring before going out. We also have an event scheduled for Saturday, April 15th, at a Low Vision meeting. Lastly, we have […]

Volunteers Needed on April 22, 2023

We had to move the date to April 22nd.  We will also need volunteers Sunday, April 23rd, to unload the trailer at the farm.   Volunteers Needed on April 22, 2023.   Mini Therapeutic Horses has been gifted 21 Round Pen Panels and other items.  The items are in Owensboro, Kentucky, and we are going on […]