We are the founders of Meeting Individuals Needing Inspiration Therapeutic Horses.  

VISION STATEMENT: MINI Therapeutic Horses envisions building a wholesome and integral community with our therapy horses at the forefront, and improving the well-being of others is of the utmost importance. We endeavor to spark happiness and encouragement for those in need.


Janet Lemonis

I am a mom to three beautiful children and a nana to one fantastic grandson.  I have always loved helping people, and I love horses.  What could be better than combining the two things I love? 






Vice President

Heather White

My education and work background leans heavily toward the liberal arts area.  I am a mother of one cat and an avid reader.  I grew up with cats, dogs, and other small furry and finned animals in my house.

Photography is a hobby of mine.  My favorite things to photograph are animals and nature. 

I have always loved horses but never had one of my own.  Being a part of MINI Therapeutic Horses allows me to fulfill my dream of being around and working with horses.  This group also allows me to share my love of horses with individuals who might benefit from interacting with these loving animals. 



Founders - DaNel HicksDaNel Hicks

I have loved horses all my life.  I even went to college to study horses.  I graduated from MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) with a BS in Animal Science with an emphasis in Equine Science.  My minor was Business Management.  

I continue to study horses in clinics and classes whenever possible.  Once I got Bonnie, she and I started attending events, which I loved.   Being able to start this non-profit with Janet is something exceptional.

I look forward to the coming years and all the people we meet. 


Executive Director

Charlene Bergstresser

I am a mom of two and a grandmother of four.  I am a retired medical assistant.  I love all things horses.  I had horses when I was younger, and I am just now getting back into big and miniature horses.  

I am looking forward to sharing our miniature horses with all who need them so that they can bring the happiness and confidence, and well-being that they bring me. 




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Founded 2023             Non-Profit 501(c)(3)       ID# 92-1971770