July 2024 Events


WOW!!!  Our July 2024 Events calendar is FULL!!!!!

Events that we are traveling to:

July 3rd: We are heading back to NHC Cool Springs.  We had to postpone our last visit because our Truck and VAN were down, and we didn’t have a way to go.  We are so excited to get back there for our visit.

July 2024 Events

July 4th: We are spending a second day at NHC Cool Springs. The last time we visited, we learned that we needed two visits to see everyone. That way, each person gets seen, and Bonnie, her handlers, and the staff who walk around with us don’t get too tired either.

July 9th: Bonnie is quickly visiting Seigle High School in Murfreesboro to visit the Special Ed Summer Fun Camp.  (We are raising funds to help cover the costs of this visit.)

July 16th: We are going back to Richland Place in Nashville.

July 22nd:  We are heading back to Blakeford Place in Green Hills.

The fee is $150 if you are in Rutherford, Davidson, or Williamson County and would like us to visit you.  

Farm Visits:

We want to welcome Group Effort.  They plan to visit the farm on July 19th and 24th.  We are excited to have them come out and visit with the horses.  Since there will be 15 of them per visit, we are looking for volunteers to help on the days they visit.  They will be here from 10 to noon on both days, so I need volunteers from 9:30 to 12:30. 

The fee to visit the farm is $35 for up to five people for an hour.

Training Opportunities

We will have training sessions on July 14th and July 28th.  Depending on the temperature, we will start between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.  Each session will last an hour to an hour and a half.  Come learn how to handle miniature horses during visits.  We need two people per horse when we travel. 

We now have a Calendar

If you can’t attend one of our training sessions during our July 2024 Events Days, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to set up another one that fits your schedule. We can also do individual training sessions if needed.

New Arrivals

Monday, May 20th, at 4:30 am, I got a wake-up call that Sugar had gone into labor.  She had an adorable filly that we currently call Spunky Monkey.  We do not yet have her registered name.  If you want to see her birth video, it is on YouTube on the DD Mini Farm channel.

Name REVEAL:  DDMinis Rowdys Sweet Velvet Heart
MEANING:  Her great grandsires are The Rowdy and Little Kings Black Velvet.  And, of course, Sugar is Sweet.  Monkey also has a heart star on her forehead. 


Friday morning, June 21st, Ellie had a colt.  He was born at the vet clinic because we had a LOT going on that week, and I could not be home to watch her.  I am still trying to bond with him.  He will be for sale to a show home.  I must get him tested for Frame Overo because I did not test his dam.  His Grandsire on her side is homozygous black, homozygous Splash, and Frame with a Dun strip gene.  I have had a hard time getting photos of his head.  He has a very petite muzzle and a nicely dished face.


Name REVEAL:  DDMinis Rowdys Velvet Lucifer
MEANING: His great grandsires are The Rowdy and Little Kings Black Velvet.  His Grandsire is Rowdy Satan.  His Sire is DDMinis Rowdys Velvet Diablo.  So John is staying in the line of words for Satan.   


How can you help?

If you can’t be a volunteer here at the farm, on visits, or come to training because you live too far away but want to help us with the nonprofit, here are other ways to help. 

    • Grant Writing—We need one or more grant writers to help us raise money for our founders to avoid them having them pay for things out of their own pockets.  
    • We were planning our second annual fundraiser.  Are you an event planner?  Would you like to help DaNel get sponsors and silent auction donations for our fundraiser?  Our 2nd annual fundraiser is on October 19th from noon to four p.m. at Cedar Glad Brews (the same as last year).  This is a family—and pet-friendly establishment.  We will have games for the kids and a costume contest for kids, pets, and adults—more details to come. 
    • Video editing – Helping compile short videos and photos into videos for us to use here on the website, our Facebook, and YouTube channels.  (Note: Only videos for the non-profit.  We are not asking for videos to be created for DD Mini Farm.)  We will send video clips and photos after each visit or event for you to work with.  I (DaNel) am not very savvy with video editing and would love for our non-profit to generate great videos. 
    • We can always use donations.  All donations are tax-deductible. 
Donate any amount using the PayPal link below.

If you are in Canada, you may donate here

Grant Writers Needed


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