June 2024 Events and Outings

We don’t have many June 2024 Events and Outings planned because I took the month off for the horses to have babies.  Once Ellie has her baby, we will start booking events. 

Sugar had a filly on 5/20/24 at 4:35 am.


On Saturday, June 1st, we will be at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute with Bonnie and Oreo from 1 to 3 pm. 

June 2024 Events and Outings


Volunteer Training

June 22—On Saturday, June 22nd, we will have another Volunteer training day with a Potluck Bonfire event afterward. Sign up and come learn how to handle therapeutic horses. Let me know if this day does not work for you, and we can have a private one-on-one session almost any time. 

Please show up at 3:30 for training.  

Potluck Menu
So far, the following has been committed: 

  • Macaroni Salad
  • Deviled Eggs

We Need Help

We need a grant writer.  Someone who knows how to fill out grants and help us get some money to cover our expenses and get into places that can’t afford to cover our costs.  Right now, we are in the negatives.  The non-profit needs funds to break even and stay going.  We have seven more months to break even and make an impact on others’ lives to be able to continue going in 2025.  

We also need a small group of volunteers to stay with the program and become certified.  For the insurance to cover taking the horses out, we need people who have passed the training courses.  We have Bonnie as the only fully accredited horse in our program.  Joy is ready to go out.  She needs experience in smaller events (outside) and a handler who has passed the course.  

We hope you can attend our June 2024 Events and Outings.  We look forward to meeting you and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. 


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