White Cane Wonderland December 9, 2023

Bonnie will be at the White Cane Wonderland Event on Saturday, December 9, 2023, at the Nashville Public Library.

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Location: 615 Church Street Nashville, TN 37219
Time: 10 am until 2 pm

White Cane Wonderland is a FREE INCLUSIVE EVENT for children and youth and celebrates the abilities and talents of persons with blindness.

We are dedicated to inspiring an informed, inclusive community for all children and youth. Our event is where everyone can come together to learn, play, and grow. Join us for a day of fun activities and inspiring speakers.


White Cane Wonderland

A Day of Fun and Learning

  • Special Guest Speakers – HK Derryberry, a motivational speaker
  • Braille Experiences – Experience the tactile world of the visually impaired through hands-on braille experiences with letters, numbers, and basic words.
  • White Cane Information – Explore using the white cane to detect obstacles, gauge depth, and signal traffic, and enable safer and more independent navigation.
  • Adaptive Sports Information – Dive into adaptive sports, where determination fuels triumph over challenges, reshaping limits and inspiring us all.
  • Learn about Assistive Technology – Learn how tech enhances accessibility through adaptive devices, screen readers, braille displays, and apps.
  • Participate in STEM Activities – Have fun and meet others while learning about different STEM Activities.

Visit Bonnie the Miniature Horse

Bonnie will be available to pet and feel.  Bonnie is not a seeing-eye horse for the blind.  She is more of an emotional support horse for anyone.  She will be at the event to let people touch and feel her and to let people that have never seen or felt a miniature horse to do so.

Presented by Blind Early Services TN and the Nashville Public Library | Equal Access Division, with generous sponsorship from the Nashville Predators Foundation.

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