MINI Therapeutic Horses

Meet the MINI Therapeutic Horses.  The horses listed below are the horses that are used in some fashion for our program.



Bonnie is the most experienced of all our horses.  She goes out the most and will accompany the others as they learn the ropes.  Bonnie has been doing public events for 13 and a half years.



Oreo is the reason that we created this non-profit.  When she lost her vision, she inspired many people.  She is extraordinary and loves people.


Joy has been working with Bonnie for many years at DD Mini Farm.  She is expecting a foal this summer, so that she will stay home most of this year.  If you visit the farm after the foal is born, you can see it.



Lilly was bred at DD Mini Farm and is one of our therapy horses.  She has almost finished her training and loves people.


Melodie was also born at DD Mini Farm.  She is a granddaughter of Bond Peppy Power.  She is still in training and is eager to please.


Janet purchased Wyndi to be Oreo’s buddy and help her around the pasture.  She has started her training and will go out soon.



Angel is our Unicorn in training.  She was born two weeks after Wyndi, and they are also great friends.


We do not accept rescue horses.  




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