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Ok.  Take two.   Our training opportunities are having to change a bit.

Hello everyone.  I had typed out a post, but my login had expired, and when I went to publish it, I got an error message, and it lost everything I typed.  (how frustrating)

I want to apologize for having to cancel Sunday’s training on March 24th. It was a mistake. I knew I would have an event on the 23rd or the 24th and was waiting for confirmation. When I created the list of events, I knew I needed a training day, and when I saw those days open, I chose one.  I also have something to do on the 23rd (now), which is a personal issue.  

Volunteer Dates Available

I have the following dates available for training sessions.  Don’t hesitate to contact me to let me know what works best for you.  

Dates Available:

  1. Saturday, March 30th
  2. Saturday, April 6th
  3. Sunday, April 7th

Training that will be taught

  • Handling horses safely
  • Grooming horses safely
  • Questions and Answer Session
  • Learning about our new Valor Program (Anti-Bullying Program for the school system)

We are excited to start our new Valor Program, but we need volunteers to do it. Please sign up for one of our training opportunities.

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