June 2024 Events and Outings

We don’t have many June 2024 Events and Outings planned because I took the month off for the horses to have babies.  Once Ellie has her baby, we will start booking events.  Sugar had a filly on 5/20/24 at 4:35 am.   On Saturday, June 1st, we will be at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute with […]

Our Current May 2024 Schedule

Our current May 2024 schedule has many different things going on. We will attend school events, two nursing homes, a fundraiser, and possibly two or three miniature horse babies. I’m keeping the last half of May relatively open and will mostly have farm events. Our foals are due mid-May through mid-June. Miniature horse births can […]

Upcoming April 2024 Events

Here is a list of our Upcoming April 2024 Events.  We hope that you can visit us at some of them.  We also have Volunteer Opportunities. Volunteer Opportunities April 2nd – The farrier will be here in the afternoon.  I’m not sure what time.  If you want to help hold horses and put them away, […]

Training Opportunities

Ok.  Take two.   Our training opportunities are having to change a bit. Hello everyone.  I had typed out a post, but my login had expired, and when I went to publish it, I got an error message, and it lost everything I typed.  (how frustrating) I want to apologize for having to cancel Sunday’s training […]

We now have a Calendar

We now have a Calendar for events on our Website!! If you support our non-profit and want to know where we will be, you can see Bonnie or the other therapy horses.  If you’re going to schedule a Farm Visit and come out and visit with some of the horses, then you can also see […]

Become a Certified Handler

Sign up to become a certified handler.   MINI Therapeutic Horses is looking for people to sign up and become certified handlers.  Attend our clinics to learn how to handle the mini horses for therapeutic sessions.   Date: Saturday, October 7th (rain date will be Saturday, October  21st.) Time:  2 pm  RSVP:  info@minitherapeutichorses.org Please RSVP because we […]

Volunteer Opportunities for April and May 2023

I hope that everyone is having a great Spring.  I just wanted to update everyone about our events and volunteer opportunities for April and May 2023.   On April 15th, Bonnie and Oreo will attend the Low Vision Event at the Vanderbilt Eye Institute in Nashville.  If you have vision issues, please show up.  We will […]

Volunteers Needed on April 22, 2023

We had to move the date to April 22nd.  We will also need volunteers Sunday, April 23rd, to unload the trailer at the farm.   Volunteers Needed on April 22, 2023.   Mini Therapeutic Horses has been gifted 21 Round Pen Panels and other items.  The items are in Owensboro, Kentucky, and we are going on […]