Volunteers Needed on April 22, 2023

We had to move the date to April 22nd.  We will also need volunteers Sunday, April 23rd, to unload the trailer at the farm.


Volunteers Needed on April 22, 2023.   Mini Therapeutic Horses has been gifted 21 Round Pen Panels and other items.  The items are in Owensboro, Kentucky, and we are going on a road trip.

We are looking for volunteers to accompany or meet us there.  We have the opportunity to have a second wooden round pen that must be dismantled.

We will be taking our truck and large gooseneck trailer.  Be sure to sign up and let us know you can help by filling out the Contact Form on the website.  We will leave at about 9 am Saturday and need help unloading the trailer when we get home.  Unloading will be Sunday, April 23rd, at DD Mini Farm.

This is a volunteer activity, and we can not supply any money towards fuel or your time.  We do plan to carpool.

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